Scouting Logos

Group Events

4 April 2009, Scout Hall
Painting the Hall. After a long delay, funds allow us to paint the Hall. Parents and Scouts with time to assist are welcome to assist the Parents Committee and the Scout Leaders on Saturday in repainting of the Hall.
8 May 2009, Whitecliff Inn
A Pub Quiz for parents and friends of the Scouts. Last year's Quiz was widely acclaimed, and moves this year to the Whitecliff Inn hoping to attract more participants.
26 April 2009, Ballyclare
St George's Day Parade. Meet at the Scout Hall at 1pm. Parade begins at 2pm.

Easter Holidays

No Meetings
There will be no Scout, Cub or Beaver meetings between 6 April and 15 April, returning on Monday 20th April.


The Scout Hut is located on Beach Road (an extension of the Cable Road), down by the railway station. Access is available by car or on foot.

Beach Road
Co Antrim
BT38 9QS
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